We offer a wide range  of  well  researched  learning interventions carefully designed to equip delegates with  requisite  skill set and mindset that enables more productive business outcomes.

At   Imperium  Consulting Limited, we  are  very  passionate  about  the impact of learning on business performance and as such, learning is handled as a process and not as a one off event.

Our programs are highly engaging and packed with a plethora of experiential learning activities  that caters for different learning and communication styles.

To ensure transfer of knowledge, we reinforce key learning concepts via simulation, role play, group discussion/exercises, case studies,  video  review , experiential learning games etc.

Where feasible,  we would  collaborate with world  class  learning solutions providers  to deliver best-in-class learning solutions  for our clients.



Our programs can be customized to meet the specific need of our clients and are categorized as follows:

  • Personal Effectiveness Programs
  • Management and Leadership Programs
  • Customer Service Programs
  • Sales and Relationship Management Programs
  • Human Resources / Learning and Development Programs
  • Banking Related offerings

Why Learning does not ‘’hit the desired mark”

When  learning  is well designed and delivered, it translates into positive business outcomes and greater  organizational agility.

However, significant portion of the learning spend is wasted annually because learning is not transferred into the workplace owing to the following reasons:

  • No learning reinforcement –   well thought through post training support  often not in place as learning is handled as a one off event.
  • Lack of  deliberate effort to prepare the learner – the learner  may not fully understand why he/she  was nominated to attend a training program and as such the learning opportunity will not be maximized and invariably knowledge and skills are not transferred to the workplace
  • Training alignment  not  established  – the training is not  aligned to either a business or performance need.
  • Ownership of the learning process resides  no where – the trainer and the Line manager often do not take  absolute  responsibility for  learning outcomes.

At  Imperium Consulting Limited, we are passionate about learning payoff and we would collaborate with our clients to ensure our interventions are fit-for-purpose and support the embedding of learning  for competitive advantage.

We leverage the 6D Learning Delivery model