Talent Development

The war for talent began in the 80s with the advent of information age and the war has remained unabated as the demand for talent has consistently been on the increase and the propensity for people to move from one organization  to the other  has also  remained one of the characteristics  of  today’s workplace.

The war for talent is a major challenge for most organizations but those who respond proactively and aggressively will gain competitive advantage. However, a few organizations are adept at talent management and development and vast  majority are yet to give the required attention to this critical success lever.

Talent is  now  a  critical  driver of business performance and the company’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent will foster and sustain competitive business  edge  now and in the future.

Invariably, it is time for organizations to fundamentally rethink and rebuild their talent development strategies as winning the war for talent transcends just winning the recruitment battle. The need to  adopt  a  pervasive  development  approach leveraging a set of integrated talent development initiatives ranging from stretch assignments, coaching and mentoring, projects,  training and other on-the-job learning initiatives  cannot be over emphasized.

The goal of talent development is to  attract,  develop , motivate and retain productive and engaged employees who are passionate about the success of their organizations.

Experience has shown that at the beginning of every calendar year,  organizations spend quality time to articulate and put together the  a comprehensive Personal Developmental Plan for the talent pool incorporating  specific on-the-job learning initiatives  and  other classroom interventions . A cursory look at implementation update often reveals a huge gap between the planned and actual implementation of the programs captured on the Personal development plan owing to the non-implementation of quite a good number of  the  planned  classroom programs.

Imperium Consulting  Limited  would  collaborate  with organizations  to ensure  seamless implementation of planned classroom interventions in a highly effective and timely manner leveraging our well researched programs which can be customized to meet the specific needs of  our clients.