Strategic re-engineering of the workplace learning function

Strategic re-engineering of the workplace learning function

Change is a constant phenomenon in   today’s   global business landscape – High competitiveness, globalization, sophisticated customers, technology and the war for talent are some of the mega trends that have shaped the way business is being done globally.

Consequently, Organizations   are   constantly  seeking ways to re-invent themselves in order  to sustain relevance and competitive advantage. To keep up with the pace of change and create a High Impact Learning Organization (HIPO), strategic re-engineering of the learning function is a key imperative.

Re-engineering the learning   function  entails  a holistic rethinking and review of the way learning is currently delivered across the organization and the tough question to ask here is ‘what is   the contribution  of learning to business performance ?.

However, so much money is spent annually on learning and development  with no metrics to demonstrate the impact of learning on business results.

Demonstrating the impact of learning on business performance is a core deliverable for the workplace learning professional and the learning function in general as it is no longer acceptable to evaluate training using input focused measures like; number of participants, number of programs, length of programs, cost and content of programs.

In this current dispensation, the work place learning practitioner must position his /herself  as a strategic  business enabler by ensuring the following: That  there is an alignment between learning activities and  organization’s strategic business goals, that learning is  deployed  via multiple delivery channels using technology, develop metrics that clearly shows the impact of learning on business outcomes ,  create and sustain a learning culture within the organization and handle learning as a process and not as an event.

To ensure full optimization of  the  learning function and  its  processes , Imperium Consulting Ltd  would partner with organizations in need  to  revamp and position the  learning function for strategic gains . As part of the capacity building  offering, the  organization’s  Learning and development team will be  trained and  equipped  with the requisite  knowledge and skills to effectively deliver workplace learning  and  current learning process and procedures will be reviewed  and  ineffective processes  will be replaced  with  best practice processes that delivers immeasurable value. At the completion of the revamping project , a three months  mentorship  arrangement  will be in place for the learning team to ensure proper embedding  and transformation.

There is  an  URGENT and deliberate  need for learning professionals to take a leadership role in ensuring learning payoff in their respective organizations!