Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers

Program Overview

The quality of employees within an organization  has direct impact on the success or  otherwise of that organization – so deliberate effort must be made to ensure the right employees are attracted and hired at all times.

The war for talent is still raging and invariably, candidates have more options   as organizations are ever  competing for top talents .

 The interview process provides the needed  platform to gather first hand information about the candidate’s  work experience , competence,  educational qualifications,  basic personality traits , Personal motivators   and  the ability to integrate into the current  work teams. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to  assess whether these attributes align with the job requirements

To  achieve a flawless hiring process, hiring mangers must be equipped with requisite skills, techniques ,  perspectives and insights that will enable them hire right at all times.

The interviewing skills program  will provide participants  with all they need to manage  an end-to-end hiring  process more  professionally and effectively.

They will be taken through the full spectrum of processes  and techniques that helps to attract   the best  candidates into   the organization.

Job interview an is  an integral part of the recruitment process  and it  enables sound hiring decisions

The following will be covered- Tips on how to run an effective recruitment campaign, Steps to preparing for an effective interview session, How to conduct  productive  interview session  that enhances the organizational brand, Competency based interview techniques, Post interview activities  and relationship management  with the candidates, The Dos and Don’ts of  interviewing

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program participants will be able to –

  •  Design and deploy a fit-for-purpose  recruitment campaign by effectively defining the role through the Job description and Person    Specification
  • Create  a good job advert that is tailored to the role and the target audience .
  • Build the organizational brand by providing positive memorable experiences for job seekers on a consistent basis
  • Speed up time –to-productivity for new hires by hiring the best candidates all the time
  • Collect and analyze information relating to the candidate’s  experience, knowledge, competence and personal motivators to enable more informed hiring  decisions.
  • Deploy best-in-class interviewing  skills to make interview conversations more robust  and productive
  • Plan and prepare more effectively  for an interview following a structured approach
  • Know the laws and legislations that cover recruiting people and ensure adherence
  • Assess the candidates past experience and its relevance to the role on offer using  competency based interviewing skills and techniques
  • Handle post interview activities more professionally
  • Have a deeper insight of Interview ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’