Coaching and Mentoring

Program Overview

 Coaching employees and teams is a critical deliverable for  supervisors and managers in today’s workplace.

While there are clear differences between coaching and mentoring, the differences complement each other, making both must-have core skills .  Together they are a powerful  combination for developing a sustainable leadership pipeline and as such must be an integral part of  organization’s learning and development strategy .

Research has shown that having effective coaching  managers can help individuals and teams to achieve their full potentials,   improve employee engagement and invariably,  peak performance.

The program which  is highly practical and interactive  will cover the following topics: Definition of Coaching and Mentoring and the differences between them, The  G.R.O.W Coaching Model, communication skills for effective coaching and mentoring, Performance improvement techniques, Characteristics of good mentors and coaches, mentoring and coaching millennials, key steps to coaching for optimal performance, elements of a good coaching session, Types of coaching, Giving and receiving feedback in a coaching and mentoring relationship,  Best- in- class Coaching and Mentoring guidelines ,the  importance of coaching and mentoring as a management skill and the roles of the coach / coachee and mentors / mentees will also be touched upon.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program managers  will :

  • Define coaching and  mentoring
  • Understand the difference between coaching and mentoring and the appropriate time to use them
  • Understand the full range of benefits of coaching and mentoring to the organization and their role in driving an effective coaching and mentoring process
  • Use the G.R.O.W model to drive an effective coaching concersations
  • Coach and mentor millennials more effectively for optimal performance
  • Communicate more effectively  and  build enormous credibility and trust  with coachees   and mentees using appropriate tips
  • Evaluate progress of the coachee/ mentee  periodically , give and receive feedback in a more productive manner  devoid of bitterness and anger
  • Gain deeper insight into the characteristics of a good coach  and the key steps  in coaching for peak performance
  • Understand the key elements of a good coaching and mentoring  sessions  and deploy same effectively.
  • Increase  the skill set and knowledge levels of the employees across board  leveraging best –in –class  coaching and mentoring guidelines
  • Contribute significantly to organization performance  outcomes  with more skilled and engaged  employees
  • Overcome challenges  that may impede the successful outcome  of the coaching and mentoring initiatives by proactively  developing strategies and actions for success