Stress Management and Work-life balance

Program Overview

Work-life balance is making conscientious effort to  adjust  our day-to-day activities to achieve a sense of balance between work  life  and personal life. Achieving work  -  life balance is increasingly very difficult as a result of technological advancement and today’s workplace complexities.

However, work –life balance is a key imperative that can be achieved when  employees are equipped with knowledge and skills that   will enable them  manage stress / pressure more effectively.

Prolonged stress can lead to more severe health conditions and also have an adverse effect on employees’ productivity and engagement.

This training provides a  variety of  tools and  strategies  for  managing stress better  and  achieving work-life balance and  a unique approach to time management that enables employees  exercise control over how  task is scheduled and executed.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program participants will ;

  • Understand how to get a balance between  key aspects of life – Work, Relationships, Health and Leisure.
  • Determine their  values and priorities and what constitutes success in each area.
  • Gain an understanding of what  ‘stress’ is,  the symptoms, and the difference between positive and negative stress.
  • Identify personal stress triggers and  deploy appropriate tools and techniques to mange them
  • Acquire  tools and techniques that   enables  employees choose  productive  responses  and build resilience against the impact of negative stress.
  • Understand the reasons for in - balance and the side effect of prolonged stress
  • Achieve balance by using time management tools and techniques to increase  personal  productivity
  • Build healthier relationships in the workplace   by using  the concept of ‘emotional intelligence’.
  • Learn what to do to prevent stress, what to do when under pressure and   quick bounce back strategies.
  • Learn and apply  proven relaxation techniques
  • Co- create a positive   work place  where employees are highly motivated and empowered
  • Understand the art of delegating effectively and how to  support employees with stress issues
  • Manage change more effectively within the organization and the respective teams deploying appropriate change management  strategies
  • Coach others to achieve success and work life balance
  • Gain useful  insight into what  organizations are doing to achieve Work –life balance