High Impact Presentation Skills

Program Overview

Presenting information succinctly  and effectively is a critical  skill  needed to get information across to the target  audience.

Today, presentation skills are required in almost all  facets of life and  it is a non  - negotiable skill that must be acquired and improved upon continuously to be successful in the business world.

 Having  a structured framework and the right skills  set will give the presenter self confidence to deliver effective and compelling presentations to varied audiences.

The program is highly practical and the following  will be  covered : Characteristics of effective presentation, steps  to effective presentation, strategies for managing nervousness and anxiety, Effective use of visual aids, How to effectively handle the question and answer session, structuring presentations for maximum impact, connecting and building rapport with the audience , Verbal and  Non –verbal communication and how to optimize  its impact on the presentation.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program delegates will:

  •  Structure their presentation properly  for maximum impact
  • Acquire and use best –in-class presentation skills that  increases  confidence, visibility and impact for the presenter. 
  • Design and use  visual aids more effectively
  • Deploy effective rapport building tips to connect and engage with  the audience
  • Manage nervousness  and anxiety more effectively
  • Understand audience dynamics and   manage it  more  productively
  • Handle question and answer sessions confidently using proven tips and techniques
  • Use  pause  and voice inflections to enhance the quality of their  presentation
  • Open and close their presentation more effectively leveraging appropriate strategies
  • Dress for success at all times by wearing what is appropriate
  • Understand  how the speaker impacts the audience during a presentation - harness  verbal and non-verbal communication and tone of voice for more impactful presentation