Strategic Thinking And Execution

Program Overview

Strategic thinking is the process of making  a mental picture of the future and taking appropriate steps to make it  a reality

Management   is no longer viewed solely from an operational perspective  and as such, strategic thinking is everyone’s responsibility, not just that of a CEO or the management team . We live in a fast-paced world  and it has become imperative for leaders think more holistically.  .

Organizations that support the development of this critical skill, will foster  a culture of creativity and innovation, initiate  new ways of doing business,  uncover  emerging opportunities and develop the capacity to imagine new answers to old problems .

Conscientious effort must  be made by organizations to ensure employees have the required knowledge and skills to think  strategically as weak strategies often bring about poor business performance.

The program which is highly interactive and  engaging will deploy  many activities and exercises that will inspire the participants and help embed the learning.

The following topics will be covered: Definition of strategic thinking and its business case, Levels of strategy, strategic planning process(strategy formulation, strategy development, strategy implementation and evaluation) , the difference between conventional and strategic thinker, core skills for strategic thinking, strategic change management, leadership and strategy, Alignment of strategy with organizational goals, Strategic thinking models, tools and techniques will also be touched upon.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, participants will;

  • Define strategic thinking and its relevance in today’s workplace
  • Develop strategic  vision with clear direction and outcomes
  • Link  business and operational activities to corporate strategy
  • Set a strategy in line with organizational vision, values and mission
  • Effectively manage strategic change process
  • Set performance objectives and evaluate the success of implemented strategy
  • Challenge current processes, practices and strategy from the  strategic thinking perspective
  • Identify strategy gaps through a systematic process
  • Make more informed decisions and become professional problem solvers using core strategic thinking skills
  • Create effective strategic plan and execution strategy that enables superior business performance on a consistent basis
  • Gain useful insight into the  key elements of strategic planning and how to apply them for overall business success
  • Apply  strategic thinking models, tools and techniques to ensure long and short term  business success